Hello everyone! I’m not really used to this one (blogging)!That is the reason I’ve been vanishing at times! Keeping that apart and coming to the point, Yesterday I’ve read one line saying”every next level of your life will demand a different you” and I really liked it alot and thought of sharing it with you […]

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Shawn Mendes!

Shawn Mendes ❤️!!!, I’ve started liking this guy after I’ve listened to the song stitches. Ahh!!!The way he sings, as if he’s singing for you! “You watch me bleed until I can’t breathe I’m shaking falling on to my knees And now that I’m without your kisses I’ll be needing stitches” This lines are my […]

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Flowers 🌸!

Flowers are so overrated! Yes,they look pretty,smell nice..but colours fade and scent disappears and what you’re left with is lifeless, witted and diseased.Thorns on the other hand, they are not so fragile but they’re fearless ! I don’t want to be just a flower! PS: I think I’m probably the only girl who don’t like […]

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And in the end All that really matters Did we live? And what meaning To our life Did we give?

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Hiiiiiiiii!!!!!!! It’s been three days since I’ve opened the blog!To be precise,I forgot the fact that I’ve Blog. Early in the morning,while I’m listening to the songs (Just like every single day) there’s one song called “Maaruvarthai” played randomly over the phone!I loved that song very much,like literally I’ve played that song almost 30 times […]

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